Research Links

Research: Statistics, Economic Indicators - International Agencies

  • Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) Of the United Nations. Multi-lingual FAQ's and databases with statistical information and documentation on fodd and agriculture.

  • International Energy Agency (IEA) Collects and analyses energy data, assesses member countries' domestic energy policies and programmes, makes projections based on differing scenarios and prepares studies and recommendations on specialised energy topics.

  • Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) A Paris-based intergovernmental organisation whose purpose is to provide its 29 Member countries with a forum in which governments can compare their experiences, discuss the problems they share and seek solutions which can then be applied within their own national contexts.

  • UN Statistics Division The Division produces printed publications of statistics and statistical methods in the fields of international merchandise trade, national accounts, demography and population, social indicators, gender, industry, energy, environment, human settlements and disability. The Division also produces general statistics compendiums including the Statistical Yearbook and World Statistics Pocketbook.

  • World Health Organization Statistical Information System The purpose of this WHOSIS website (WHO Statistical Information System) is to describe - and to the extent possible provide access to - statistical and epidemiological data and information presently available from the World Health Organization and elsewhere in electronic or other forms.